BAR 700 – The home of mixology

Under the spectacular chandeliers designed by Pascale Lauber, an eight and a half metre long bar with a dark stone top, covered with antique pressed metal plates from the ceilings of Argentine Haussmanian-style palaces, is where you can go to enjoy signature cocktails. The art of mixology is at home at Bar 700, where it is also possible to taste wines from the best Apulian and Italian wineries or high-quality liqueurs from all over the world. Cosy sofas and wall lamps reminiscent of old clocks in a Parisian railway station make Bar 700 a place of timeless elegance.

Leonardo Giorgini is our mixologist, and Freja Boffolo works alongside him. Leonardo’s great passion for mixology never stops, constantly stimulated by what is around him, by what he hears, reads and smells. He loves two drinks in particular: Negroni for the aperitif and Margarita for after dinner, drinks with few ingredients but with a delicate balance that makes the cocktail unpleasant to the palate if wrong. Self-taught, Leonardo is now studying fermentation (a very ancient practice that has accompanied man for centuries) and the preparation of edible paints to make his cocktails increasingly complex but beautiful and straightforward to the eye. For Paragon, he has created a cocktail menu inspired by the world of classic and contemporary cinema, matching each poster with a cocktail.

Our Cocktail

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