Palazzo Rosso has a fascinating history. Once home to Ostuni’s first mayor, Don Paolo Tanzarella, the stone building has always been at the centre of the town’s social and cultural life, and its walls tell its tumultuous history. Since his youth, Don Tanzarella had been a member of the ‘Giovine Italia’ (Young Italy) insurrectionary movement, and on 26 June 1860, 10 years after centuries of foreign occupation, Ostuni was the first town in Apulia to proclaim the unification of Italy and proudly fly the green, white and red flag. At the end of the century, things changed, and so did the Palace, still owned by the Tanzarella family. By the 1970s, the Palazzo had been asleep for over forty years. Only its magnificent vaults, its centuries-old stones and its historical frescoes remained.


An eclectic and original style, made up of unusual yet perfectly balanced combinations, is Pascale Lauber’s trademark. Her style has been built up over a lifetime of travel, visits to art and antique fairs, as well as local markets. The unique, consistent, profoundly modern result is the basis of the exceptional atmosphere in the restaurant and bar.

Paragon 700

Pascale and Ulrike have revolutionised the rules of real estate and interior design, opening and renovating restaurants, boutique hotels, and flats worldwide. Unmistakably, with their signature: refined design in every detail. One, Pascale, devoted to design and style, the other, Ulrike, a lover of travel and Italy: together, they put their ideas and skills into practice.